Infectious Diseases Hudson, WI11th hour has on-call crews 24/7 to handle bio-hazard, infectious disease, hoarding, animal filth, meth lab testing, meth lab cleanup, and mold removal. We serve the majority of the Midwest including Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois, and Iowa. If your family or business is dealing with any one of these health hazards you need to call a professional to clean and sanitize your environment so that it is safe for habitation by people and pets again.

Safe Professional Cleaners

11th hour has the latest tools and techniques to ensure the clean-up follows state and federal health guidelines. Respirator usage, hazmat training, blood handling, and environmentally conscious waste disposal are routinely drilled in our employee training programs. This is to ensure everyone is safe while working with these infectious diseases and to ensure our cleaning completely sterilizes the home/business.

 Cleaning CDC Method

In the past 11th Hour has cleaned up diseases like MRSA from gyms and even machining shops. Cleanup requires quite a few different steps to ensure full safe remediation. First one must analyze the environment where the infectious disease is present. Anything that can be touched or used by humans is a potential contagion and is top priority for cleaning. In a gym a person has to assume EVERYTHING has been touched/contaminated meaning a wipe down of all equipment or places where people and objects interact. Once you have a general idea of what needs to be cleaned then you make sure you are protected and ready to clean up the site. Hazmat suits, respirators (for safe breathing from chemicals), and gloves are put on. Then all surfaces must be prepped with a degreaser to remove the dirt and grime. This doesn’t sanitize the area but it does prep it to make sure that when the disinfection portion begins it can be done as well as it can and that nothing is missed. After everything has been cleaned with a detergent or degreaser then you must start the sanitizing portion. This is the same exact cleaning as done in the previous step but with a commercial disinfection. Depending on the infectious disease and interaction with the infected person, our personal expert will recommend which commercial disinfect must be applied. Beware of companies that use a “Fog” Disinfectant, this is NOT recommended by the CDC as a valid certified cleanup. For every infectious disease everything must be hand cleaned from top to bottom.

11th hour is happy to serve the Wisconsin area. Call us night or day with any questions or to setup a cleaning appointment @ 414-562-6568.