Dead Body Cleaning IowaHowever harsh of a reality death may be, it can be traumatic and sudden for anyone involved. Luckily, there are professional cleaning companies like 11th Hour to assist those in need help. Many of the death cleanup scenes encountered are not discovered for days, weeks, and in extreme cases, many months. The most common occurrence is a result of a sudden medical emergency. A lot of people, especially in the older age brackets, live alone and are not able to seek help when it is needed most. A large majority of cases we deal with also involve natural death or passing that unfortunately has not been discovered for long periods.

Iowa Death Cleaning Services

After a sudden death, the body immediately starts to decompose. Tissues such as blood and skin will naturally decompose due to a lack of oxygen within the body. As the process continues over the first few hours and days, it slowly turns to a liquid state. The liquid is prone to natural gravitational pull and will seep into porous material. The most common places include bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms.

If a loved one passed and was not discovered for a long period of time, it is recommended to hire those who can handle these types of scenes. All areas must be properly cleaned, sanitized, and removed in order for full remediation service. Bacteria and odors can linger for months if only a simple cleaning process is followed.

Decomposing Body Clean-Up Professionals

11th Hour technicians are certified to properly clean, decontaminate, sanitize, and deodorize any area where a death has occurred. We offer fast response times throughout Iowa and will restore your property as quickly as possible. We will work with your insurance company to ensure that all costs are covered; in the rare case they are not or you are uninsured, we offer affordable payment plans.

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