Meth Lab Cleanup MN11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Services offers the crime-scene cleanup industry’s best practices to those in the Minnesota area.  While the name of their business may bring to mind the restoration of a murder or suicide incident that requires the cleaning of bodily fluids, you should also remember that 11th Hour offers the same level of expertise with chemical spills and other chemical hazards, such as those presented by the remnants of meth labs and what’s involved with meth lab cleanup.

Meth Lab Cleanup Services For MN

The local news reports occasionally offer information about a meth lab having been discovered in a neighborhood home to the surprise and dismay of the people living nearby.  They sometimes indicate having experienced strange odors coming from said house, but assumed it was something innocent.  That is, until the SWAT team arrived, knocked down the door, and arrested the people inside who were creating the meth.  What happens when the news teams leave?  The authorities take the evidence they need from the meth lab, but they are under no obligation to do anything more than simply make the location minimally safe.  The residue of meth labs does not just go away with a little cross-ventilation.

That is where the professional team members of 11th Hour come in.  If you have purchased a property only to discover later that a meth lab had been set up there before, your investment will need to be protected.  There is almost zero chance that you will be able to rid the home of the smells and stains and other damage caused by the meth lab.  You can scrub until your fingers are raw, but you will not likely fix the problem.  The team at 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy & Bio-hazard Cleanup Specialists can.

Immediate Response To Your Crisis

The staff of 11th Hour employ industry standard techniques using a combination of tools and chemicals to extract all remaining evidence of the meth lab from the premises.  They do this wearing protective gear, as the scene is not safe otherwise.  To find out that a meth lab once operated out of a property you now own, is a different kind of trauma that will need attention.  11th Hour trains its staff to be conscientious, fast-acting, caring and respectful of sensitive situations.  Furthermore, the staff is trained to respond with great speed to your request.  This is especially true with the more familiar example of responding to a crime scene, but regardless of the reason for your call, 11th Hour will respond to your need and/or request deliberately and immediately

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