There’s not a lot of readily available or easily accessible information about murder cleanup.  It’s not a subject topic that gets brought up frequently in everyone’s day-to-day lives or over dinner.

Unfortunately, there are times when tragedy strikes and affects your family or friends.  It’s important to understand the process for a death cleanup, so that you can make informed decisions.

We’ve outlined the six steps for cleaning up a murder.

Step #1:  The Crime

If you’re in this position, then something tragic happened in your home.  In addition to murders, death cleanup companies also specialize in suicide cleanup, body decomposition cleanup, and unattended death cleanup as well as any traumatic or biohazardous event.

While the crime may be difficult to comprehend, it’s important that you don’t let this event prevent you from taking the necessary steps to get everything cleaned and back to normal after the police have cleared the scene.

Step #2:  The Investigation

Before a cleanup team can get started, an investigation needs to happen.  Law enforcement officials will need to inspect the premises.  They are looking for clues and other evidence to help them figure out exactly what happened.

Police and detectives will secure the area.  During this time nobody can enter the crime scene, which prevents any evidence contamination.

Step #3:  Body Removal

For murder, the investigation of evidence may continue outside of the crime scene.  The coroner will confirm the death and remove the body from the home.

The coroner typically determines the cause of death back at their office.  They run tests on the body, even if the cause of death seems obvious.  For example, while it may look like a gunshot wound or stab wound is the cause of death at the crime scene, the medical examiner will determine if the victim was suffocated or poisoned beforehand.

Step #4:  Call a Professional Cleaner

A murder scene is a biohazard.  Bodily fluids, blood, and disease can contaminate a home and potentially spread.  It’s the job of a professional homicide cleaning company to restore the home.

Here is a list of people that typically call in a professional cleaner for murder:

  • Homeowner
  • Coroners
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical Examiners
  • Funeral directors
  • Property management companies
  • Insurance agents

The phone call with a trained professional will be very compassionate and helpful, especially for homeowners that lost a loved one or experienced a tragedy in their home.

Step #5:  First appointment

The customer will have a chance to ask the professional cleaning company questions about their service.  At this time, the customer will also fill out some paperwork and schedule the remaining appointments.

Murder cleaners work directly with the customer’s insurance company throughout the process.  Price is not usually discussed, as it is covered most of the time.  If the homeowner is paying out of pocket, they can receive a detailed estimate.

Photos are also taken at the appointment.

Step #6:  Clean Up and Transportation

The trained professional cleaning team comes to the home and begins the cleanup process.  This involves several steps in itself, but typically involves setting up control zones and cross contamination prevention barriers, creating negative air pressure and gathering the tools, supplies and personal protective equipment required.

Professional homicide cleaners follow all regulations when transporting and disposing of hazardous materials such as blood, bodily fluids, or body parts away from a crime scene.