Pigeon Poop Cleanup Minneapolis11th Hour offers a variety of animal / pet filth cleanup services, and pigeon feces is no exception.  Has your home, business, warehouse, power plant or commercial property fallen victim to the nuisance of multiple birds roosting and leaving their mess behind on your rooftop, stairwell, or other areas of the building?  We can help. 11th Hour technicians are OSHA and EPA compliant and all employees are highly trained and certified.  We have the knowledge and experience to safely remove any/all harmful pigeon fecal matter, while operating harnesses, lanyards, and other rooftop and fall protection equipment when necessary. If you’re dealing with a disgusting and dangerous mess, you’ve found the company capable of handling it.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup – no laughing matter.

While it’s common knowledge that pigeons and their feces carry disease and dangerous bacteria, what’s not so common is knowing what it takes to prevent becoming severely ill while cleaning it.  Our technicians wear fully encapsulated bio-suits, respirators with stacked cartridges, rubber boots, several pairs of gloves, knee pads, hard hats, safety and cooling vests, and occasionally harnesses on top of that for several hours each day while performing physical labor.  Sound fun?  It’s not, and not safe for untrained individuals to attempt it!  In order to disinfect areas contaminated with pigeon droppings, it creates high levels of heat, humidity, and difficulty breathing for those without years of experience in biohazard remediation.

Minnesota’s Pigeon Feces Cleanup Experts

11th Hour technicians have the specialized equipment to properly remove, clean, disinfect and deodorize any bird fecal matter containing dangerous bacteria and diseases.  We offer fast response times throughout Minnesota, and the rest of the Midwest and can work around your schedule to meet any deadline.