Crime Scene CleanupCrime scene cleanup is one of those responsibilities that no one wants to ever have to think about. What’s left after a crime is often gruesome and potentially dangerous, and a reminder that something tragic happened where a loved one might have met a horrifying end.  Many feelings and emotions are likely attached to the location of a crime and one thing that can potentially lessen the pain, even if only marginally, is to have the crime scene area cleaned quickly, so that the forensic remains of the violent crime are removed.  Crime scene cleaning is one very important and necessary aspect of moving forward after a crime occurs, and the 11th Hour cleaning specialists can provide the service you never thought you would need.  11th Hour is a leader in this service and can help take care of all aspects of crime scene and blood cleanup.

Restoring a Crime Scene Area

There are many types of crime scenes — homicides, suicides, assaults and burglaries, to name but a few.  Many crime scenes are characterized by the presence of blood and bodily fluids that are dangerous to those who are not protected.  Such biohazardous substances can communicate infection and diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.

Eradication of risks associated with biohazards must be performed by qualified professionals, and the professionals of 11th Hour provide not only offer that kind of professionalism, but the compassion and sensitivity to help you through the emotional trauma of a tragic event. Crime scenes should always be cleaned by certified crime cleaning technicians who have experience, knowledge, and the correct materials (including cleaning supplies and protective gear that lay people likely do not possess), which allow them to clean, sanitize, and disinfect a crime scene thoroughly.  Most cleanup scenes are covered by insurance, and 11th Hour will help you with your claim as well.

Trained Biohazardous Cleanup Specialists

The crime scene cleaning team at 11th Hour is trained and certified to sanitize and dispose of all biohazards from a cleanup scene so that the affected area can be restored to its previous state.  No matter the nature of a cleanup site, the 11th Hour professionals can be of assistance.  They treat all scenes with care and attention, and clean on a microscopic level, leaving the area many times cleaner than before the incident.  The staff takes this burden on so that your family can focus on grieving and healing.  Family members should never have to relive the pain of a horrific crime or personal tragedy by having to clean or dispose of materials from the scene—without training, the tasks associated with crime scene cleanup can actually imperil the health of an individual attempting to perform cleanup.

Immediate Response To Your Needs

If you are in need of the services of crime cleanup in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, or North Dakota, look no further than 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, & Biohazard Cleaning Specialists.  They are available seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day, and can be reached at 877-797-7035.