Riot Cleanup Milwaukee WIIf you’ve been paying any attention to the news of late, or maybe even looking out your window, you’ve likely seen, or heard about the riots that have been happening in Milwaukee.  Unfortunately, our country is in turmoil, and a number of businesses and homeowners have been left to deal with the aftermath of these riots in Milwaukee.  If your home, or business was damaged in the recent protests, it’s likely time to call in the professionals at 11th Hour.  We’re experienced in Riot cleanup in Milwaukee, as well as all across the country.

Riot Cleanup Milwaukee WI

During the recent riots in Milwaukee, Police and emergency personnel used riot gas, or tear gas to help control the crowds.  Unfortunately, this type of gas can be extremely difficult to clean.  At 11th Hour, we offer tear and riot gas remediation services, to ensure that your property is free of any hazardous chemicals that may have been left behind after the recent riots.

It is highly recommended that any area that has been exposed to riot gas, or tear gas is immediately cleaned by riot cleanup experts.  Areas that have been exposed to riot or tear gas can cause residual effects for individuals that are exposed.  These symptoms can include pain in the nose, lungs, mouth and eyes.  Riot gas can also make breathing difficult, and has even been linked to temporary blindness, and other severe health conditions in some cases.  An area that is not properly remediated can cause health problems for those exposed for years to come.

Complexity of Tear Gas Removal

The residue left by tear gas, or riot gas is complex and difficult to properly clean.  The professional riot cleanup crew at 11th Hour has extensive experience in all types of tear gas and riot gas residue removal.  Our team will perform multiple steps to ensure that all hazardous substances have been removed.  Utilizing specialized equipment, we’ll make sure that no tear gas residue is missed, and we’ll even perform in-depth testing once we’ve completed our riot cleanup services to ensure that your home, or business is free of any riot gas residue.

Contact the Riot Cleanup Experts Today

At 11th Hour, our deepest condolences go out to all that have been affected by the recent riots in Milwaukee.  If you’ve been a victim of damage to your home or business due to the recent riots, and are not sure where to turn, pick up the phone and call 11th Hour today at 877-797-7035.  We’re standing by 24/7, ready to help you in any way possible.