Trauma and Crime Scene Clean Up Edina, MN

Crime Scene Cleanup EdinaCrime and trauma scenes are an unfortunate part of life. If you have fallen victim to an incident in Edina, Minnesota –  11th Hour is here for you. Many times after a crime, trauma or death – it can leave Minnesota residents confused as to what to do.  At 11th Hour we are here to assist you in this difficult time.  Any area contaminated by blood or potentially life-threatening pathogens needs to be handled by industry professionals that are able to properly clean, disinfect, deodorize, and utilize air purification technology.  Our highly trained and certified professional cleanup technicians can clean any area – small or large.

11th Hour technicians are local, and our main office is approximately 15 minutes from Edina.  If you are in need of experienced crime scene cleaners in your area, you’ve come to the right website.  Call our office in Minnetonka for fast and free estimates and questions.

Protocols for Crime Scene Cleanup in Edina Minnesota:

  • Blocking off the area to prevent cross contamination
  • Remove personal property to separate zone
  • Clean structure and salvageable personal property
  • Contain and isolate any airborne contamination
  • Apply thorough and multiple cleaning treatments
  • Disinfect structure for Certificate of Completion/Safe Habitation

One of the many unfortunate facts about a crime scene is that the loved ones, or even coworkers of the victims are left to clean up the area. When an unexpected circumstance leaves you with a painful loss, don’t amplify those feeling by reliving the scenario of their struggles while trying to personally cleanup the remains; those images can add unnecessary stress and trauma to anyone involved. Leave the cleaning to the professionals at 11th Hour. There are many state, federal, local, and OSHA regulations concerning the cleaning and disposing of bio-hazardous materials and blood/bodily fluids. We know and follow all regulations, so please do not ever attempt to clean up these scenes on your own.

Professional Edina Crime Scene Cleanup Services

We understand that tragic events can bring a swarm of unwanted media and other public interests. 11th Hour will never share your personal information with anyone and we perform our services with the utmost care and consideration. Our passion for helping people in their hardest times extends past the cleaning process. If you are worried about the expense of our cleaning services, it should never stop you or force you to try and cleanup the incident yourself. We work with your insurance company and file claims on your behalf, making sure they have the necessary paperwork and other documentation to settle your claim. Call 11th Hour for a free, confidential consultation today. We are here for you, 24/7. We offer competitive pricing and currently serve all of Minnesota. In addition to insurance we accept all major credit cards, checks, paypal and USD.

Call us at 612-255-6384to speak with a local, compassionate and experienced crime scene cleanup technician.  We are here to help 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have

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