Infectious Disease Clean-Up Chicago

Infectious Disease Cleaning Chicago11th Hour offers complete disease disinfecting services for the city of Chicago and surrounding area. Our professional teams are certified and have the experience necessary to control and clean infectious diseases, also known as communicable diseases or transmissible diseases. Many types of harmful infectious diseases spread from person to person and are caused by organisms such as bacteria, germs, viruses, parasites and fungi.

Infectious disease cases come in a variety of extremes that range from no symptoms to some that are even seriously life threatening. Vaccines have been created to help prevent many types of infectious diseases, but many more still remain a threat. HIV, Influenza, Scabies and MRSA, just to name a few. These diseases can infect one or many parts of a human’s body and lead to serious medical conditions. Leaving situations unattended can also lead to outbreaks which can affect business operations.

Infectious Disease Cleaning Services

If you’re responsible for a home, school, childcare center, business, hospital, healthcare center or any other area that has become contaminated with a dangerous infectious disease, you need a qualified professional to isolate and eliminate the disease from spreading further. Isolation is the first key step in controlling the diseases. Our four step cleaning process ensures that all pathogens and infectious diseases are completely eliminated; this includes a broad-spectrum disinfectant application as well as air scrubbing to remediate any air particulates that may be lingering and pose an additional threat.

Confidential Containment and Cleaning Professionals

It is never good press to be known for an infectious, communicable, or transmittable disease. The 11th Hour cleanup experts understand the importance of discretion when dealing with disease disinfection; we can work after hours and always perform services in unmarked vehicles for your convenience. Our environmental cleaning technique involves a thorough application of chemicals that will eliminate the germs and highly advanced equipment, that tests for any surviving living organisms.

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