Meth Lab Cleanup & Drug House Decontamination Winona

Meth Lab Cleanup and Decontamination Services11th Hour offers professional methamphetamine lab and drug house testing and decontamination services for Winona. Meth labs and drug houses require a thorough decontamination, due to the left over chemical waste residue that risks the health of anyone entering or residing in the environment.

Meth and Drug Labs can be found anywhere: in homes, vehicles, apartments, trailers, hotel or motel rooms, restaurants, sheds, storage buildings and anyplace else. No place is impossible; if the location is somewhat discreet, it can be a possibly viable area to cook, create or use meth and other drugs in. Drug users become overly infatuated with the feeling of getting high and many times lose their family, loved ones, property, self-image and every other aspect of their life because of this unhealthy infatuation.

Drug and Meth Lab Cleanup Regulations

If you are responsible for any structure or building that has been used as a drug or meth lab, testing is required, legally. After testing is completed, the results may determine that a required professional decontamination of the environment needs to take place. 11th Hour has the training, certifications and experience needed allowing us to provide drug and meth lab testing and decontamination services for Winona.

Professional meth and drug cleanup services have strict state by state regulations. Because meth leaves behind hazardous waste and residue, any company handling these bio-hazards must follow local and state ordinances. By hiring 11th Hour to provide your property with meth lab or drug house clean up services it will verify that occupancy is legally safe.

Hazard of Methamphetamine and Illegal Substances

The after effects of meth manufacturing or ‘cooking’ can leave potentially deadly or serious health problems for any people and animals that are exposed to the area. The toxins left by the drug can enter the body through ingestion, skin absorption and it can even be inhaled. All of these risks can unknowingly threaten the lives of anyone in the environment. The chemicals used in meth manufacturing can be absorbed and will settle into the surface, structure, carpets, drywall, septic, even the HVAC system and needs to be appropriately dealt with.

If your property is declared a contaminated meth lab and needs to be decontaminated, call the expert remediation specialists that are certified and experienced in the successful process of elimination the harmful, toxic bio-hazard left by meth or other drugs such as cocaine or heroin. We have completed multiple training programs and also have multiple certifications. Contact 11th Hour for a confidential consultation today for your Winona location.

We offer competitive pricing and serve Winona with our meth lab cleanup services. Call us at 1-877-797-7035. Or if you have questions regarding our services, send us an email:

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