Sewage & Fecal Matter Cleaning Minneapolis

Septic System Backup Cleaning MinnesotaNatural elements such as excessive rain, floods and other large volumes of water will enter sewers and septic systems and cause strain, sometimes leading to malfunctions. Plus even simple obstructions in pipe systems, left unattended, can quickly lead to large backups. If you have a sewage or septic backup issue that needs to be cleaned up, 11th Hour is your solution. We can promptly provide you clean up services that involve removal of the hazardous waste, sanitation, disinfection, deodorization,  and decontamination of the affected area. We will also clean the air surrounding a contamination using air scrubbing, ozone generation, and odor purging techniques.

The Importance of Cleaning Sewage Minneapolis

Sewage is a health risk.  Some potential health risks when exposed to fecal matter include gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses, such as typhoid fever, skin infections, rashes and even Hepatitis A. Not only does fecal matter cause personal health risks but it can also pollute the environment and can contaminate lakes, rivers, and even sources that are used for drinking water, further spreading the danger. When dealing with a sewage backup, it is important to choose a company with the proper qualifications to ensure your property is back to its previous condition and is safe to use. Every aspect of the cleanup is thorough, from the initial assessment all the way until the final testing is performed, our services will guarantee the safety of your property.

Professional Sewage and Fecal Matter Cleaners

11th hour offers these clean up services so that you don’t have to get down and dirty or risk an illness because of a backup or blockage in your septic or sewer system. Whether it’s a city sewer or a personal septic system, the health risks are the same. Contact 11th Hour for a confidential consultation in regards to our sewer and fecal matter clean up services today.

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