Minnesota Tear Gas Cleanup

Tear Gas Cleanup Minnesota

11th Hour is the premier and local company of choice for all Tear Gas Cleanup in Minnesota.  We have the equipment, manpower, and knowledge to clean any size incident, big or small.  If your property has recently been the site of law enforcement using a riot control agent, you know that the powder or “smoke” spreads quickly and there is no such thing as a “small”  job. Even a single shell or canister can contaminate an entire property in minutes, and SWAT teams have been known to use up to 100 shells on a single building alone. The majority of tear gas cleaning are typically covered by home owners or commercial insurance policies, and we do not need to collect any money upfront to begin remediation. In cases of injury, death or wrongful entry, we may even help cover some or all of the cost of the deductible. The removal of CS, CN and OS riot gas is one of the most irritating chemicals to work with due to the fact is was specifically created to disable your ability to even be in the area, let alone for the hours or days it takes to eliminate all powder and residue.  Our technicians are properly trained and certified to handle this hazardous substance, and have years of experience helping families recover from such incidents.  We clean tear gas in Minnesota for Home Owners, Land Lords, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Companies, Property Managers, Government Organizations, City and County Law Enforcement, Banks, Hotels, Motels and all Commercial Properties.

Tear Gas Cleanup Process and Procedures for Minnesota

  • Emergency board-up if requested or required to keep out the elements or intruders.
  • HVAC system shut down, all vents closed off with plastic sheeting.
  • Seal off the contaminated rooms with plastic sheeting to prevent cross contamination.
  • Remove affected areas of dry wall or structure, and any broken glass or other hazards.
  • Remove all porous objects to be disposed of, document them for insurance replacement.
  • Our proprietary five step gasclean system to effectively eliminate all tear gas residue.
  • Clean all personal property with chemist designed neutralizer at customers request
  • If applicable, removal of popcorn ceiling after an asbestos test.
  • Professionally clean the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.
  • Final deodorization, air scrubbing and purification.

Call the Minnesota Tear Gas Removal Professionals

Don’t risk the health or liabilities of yourself or anyone else that may come in contact with the affected areas in need of extensive remediation services, and do not attempt to do this work yourself.  All tear gas cleanup jobs require several hours in hazardous material suits and stacked filters / full-face respirators, along with the right chemicals for the type of riot control agent used.

We offer competitive pricing and currently serve all of Minnesota. Call us at 612-251-3275. Or if you have questions regarding our services, send us an email: info@www.11thhourclean.com.

Serving the entire state of Minnesota: Minneapolis. Saint Paul. Bloomington. Brooklyn Park. Bemidji. Rochester. Duluth. Saint Cloud. Mankato. Moorhead. Brainerd. Hutchinson. Owatonna. Eagan. Albert Lea. Grand Marais. Roseau. International Falls. Plymouth. Brooklyn Center. Blaine. St. Cloud. Coon Rapids. Woodbury. Eden Prairie. Maple Grove. Burnsville.

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