crimesceneSDUnfortunately crime rates are raising across the United States. In addition the economy, unemployment, and increasing stress are affecting more and more people. Homicides and suicides are devastating events for loved ones. There will be plenty of emotions loved ones go through, and lots of details, large and small they must handle. Cleaning the site is one detail loved ones should not have to face. We want to spare you the emotional upheaval of cleaning the site of your distress. If a homicide or suicide happens and you live in South Dakota, 11th Hour is here to help you.

Professional Crime Scene Cleaners South Dakota

When homicide, suicide, or an unattended death occurs, someone has to clean up the site. We have over ten years’ experience, all our technicians are highly trained for these types of cleaning, and we hold many certificates. We are always in compliance with all State, Federal, and Local laws and ordinances. We only use top of the line equipment, supplies, and cleaners. We will clean, deodorize, sanitize, and properly dispose of all bio-hazard materials. 11th Hour was built on a foundation of compassion. We created a company that truly cares about our customers. Our compassion is genuine, this is our career, not just a job.

Why Choose 11th Hour, Inc.?

Since this is our career, we will always be here. We are not a janitorial company, we are a bio-hazard cleanup company. Other companies may only do this part-time, or are janitorial service companies without the training or experience bio-hazard scenes require, we are a full-time, full-service, highly trained, professional company. When we clean, we do it all, from start to finish, with a goal to restore the scene to its original condition. You may also be assured of complete confidentiality, no team member will discuss you and your loved ones situation with anyone. Our priority is you (our customers) complete satisfaction. Compassionate, competent, caring, concerned, compliant, consciously careful cleaners.

If you or someone you know needs assistance in South Dakota with a homicide, murder, suicide, unattended death, blood and/or bodily fluids, hoarding, animal feces, or any other bio-hazard, call 11th Hour, we can help! In addition to cash and checks, we accept all major credit cards. Many of these situations are covered by insurance, and we will provide and submit all documents required by the insurance company. Call 612-251-3275, we are here 24/7, for a free consultation.