suicide blaineSuicides rates are on the rise across America. They claim there are many reasons for this. Discovering a loved one has committed suicide is one of the most painful, devastating times in life, and no reason makes any sense. We know you are left with many questions and even more responsibility. From notifying family and friends to making funeral arrangements and everything in between. The last thing you should take on is cleaning the scene, in fact, only professional bio-hazard certified technicians should clean the scene. This is where 11th Hour comes on, we are certified, experienced, trained Crime Scene Technicians.

Professional Suicide Cleaners

Whenever there is blood and/or other bodily fluids, there are strict regulations for the cleaning and disposal of these bio-hazard materials. City, State, Federal, and OSHA all have guidelines that must be followed. We are aware of all the regulations and follow them in all our procedures. With over ten years’ experience, our company has highly trained, experienced technicians. We use top of the line equipment, always properly maintained or replaced. All of our cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants, and deodorizers are industry approved and recommended. Even our protective gear is the highest quality available. We can restore the scene to its pre-incident condition, making sure all bio-hazard materials seen and unseen by the naked eye are removed.

Confidential, Competent, Complete, Compassionate, Cleaning

Whenever these type of incidents occur there will be always be people trying to found out what happen, curious bystanders, media, and others asking questions. We will never speak to any of them about your situation, you have our 100% confidentiality. With all our training, experience, and certifications, we are 100% competent you will receive the best service available. Cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, deodorizing, air cleaning, and do it again and again, whatever needs to be done to guarantee you 100% cleaning. We understand this is a difficult, painful time for you and we are always compassionate. Our company was founded on the principle of helping people in their time of need. If a loved one, friend, or family member has committed suicide in Blaine, MN, we can help you, we will help you, call us and we will be there. If you are reading this we offer our sincerest sympathy to you and your loved ones and we wish you peace.

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