suicide clean upAccording to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, suicide is now the 10th leading cause of death in the US, with over 40,000 Americans dying by suicide each year. When a family member or close friend takes their own life, these numbers become shockingly real and you begin to live a new reality. Flooded with emotion, loved ones are faced with grief, loss, sadness and even anger and bewilderment. Processing what has happened is extremely difficult, and the last thing that any loved one should face is the cleanup necessary after a suicide. But, the harsh reality is that it has to be done. The Crime Scene, Tragedy & Biohazard Specialists at 11th Hour in Chicago, IL can handle this sensitive part of the process for you so that you and your family can focus on grieving and moving forward.

Bio Hazard Cleanup

Suicide cleanup is difficult for many reasons. The first is the emotional aspect of the situation. The scene can be traumatic for loved ones as it serves as a painful reminder of their loved one’s final dark moments. In addition, if blood and body fluids are left behind, the scene becomes a biohazard risk, meaning that it is not safe for those who are not trained and protected. 11th Hour will respond to your need anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and begin the biohazard cleanup process as soon as authorities and first responders have finished their jobs. Our team will immediately block off the area and complete multiple, thorough cleanings before sanitizing and decontaminating the area.

Discreet, Respectful, And Responsive Cleanup Services

11th Hour also understands that this is a very private time for you and your family and that you may want to maintain confidentiality during this difficult time. Our professionals have years of experience in the field and treat the scene of a suicide with ultimate confidentiality, compassion and discretion. Our trucks are not marked and we will never speak to neighbors or others that are asking about the situation.

11th Hour Clean has assembled a team of experienced crime scene and suicide cleanup professionals and use only state of the art equipment and cleaning techniques. Our prices are affordable and we are committed to working with you and helping you file the necessary paperowork with your insurance company. We are setup to respond to a clean up request immediately, so that you can focus on the grieving process, not the cleanup process. If you find yourself in need of suicide or crime scene cleanup in the Chicago, IL area, call 1-877-797-7035 for help.