suicide coon rapidsThe world today seems so full of sadness. Economic situations, long work hours, split families, drugs and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, mental illnesses, alienation from family or friends, and so many people are just too busy to actually embrace happiness. All of these can unfortunately lead to suicide. Suicide rates in Minnesota are rising, and this is a very disturbing statistic. When a loved one dies it is always an emotional, stressful, and terribly sad time. When a love one dies by their own hand the emotional pain is greater as you try to accept it. The stress is higher because of all the unanswered questions you want to ask them and will never get an answer to. The sadness becomes overwhelming as you question yourself over and over, should I have seen this coming, why didn’t I do something to help, how did I miss all the signs I so clearly see now? And then comes the question, what do I do now? 11th Hour is here to assist you during this difficult time. We are a bio-hazard cleanup company, call us, we can help, we want to help.

Professional Suicide Cleaners Coon Rapids MN

One of the most understandable reasons for loved ones, family, and friends grieving is simply so you don’t have to do it. Never should anyone that is not a bio-hazard expert clean up suicide scenes. More often than not these scenes contain blood, bodily fluids, and pieces of flesh; these are all classified as bio-hazard materials. State, federal, local, and OSHA all have very specific regulations for the cleaning and disposal of bio-hazard materials. Trying to clean the scene without the proper training, equipment, and supplies can actually contaminate the area further. We will clean so you can be around loved ones, family, and friends to comfort and support one another.

Why Choose 11th Hour as Coon Rapids Suicide Cleaners

Maybe the biggest reason for the grieving loved ones, family, and friends to choose us is so you don’t have to try to clean the scene. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. With over ten years’ experience in this industry there is little we have not seen and cleaned. We use top of the line equipment, protective gear, supplies, and cleaners. We will clean, disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize the scene, returning it to a safe, uncontaminated, environment. Then we will remove and properly dispose of all bio-hazard materials. We believe some of our greatest strengths are our compassion, confidentiality, and conscientious. All our employees are filled with compassion for you and the situation, we will help you in any way we can. No one will ever discuss your situation or what we are doing there, we believe you deserve privacy and we are always as discreet as possible. We will clean and clean and clean until the job is properly completed, we are proud of the job we do and we will not let you down. If you are reading this and suicide has affected your life, we are sincerely sorry and we wish you peace.

Call us, we are here 24/7 and will answer any questions you may have. We serve Coon Rapids and the rest of Minnesota too. (612) 255-6384