Maple Grove suicideSuicide is almost impossible to understand. In our minds we conjure up all the reasons this person had to live. Obviously, there are many “reasons” people who wish us well will come up with. The truth is no explanation, no excuse, no reason is going to take away the hurt, the helplessness, the questioning, the emptiness, or the overwhelming sadness that fills you. Somehow you need to pull the strength from within to focus on the important and necessary next steps. Notifying family and friends, dealing with police and medical examiners, and making the final arrangements, are all left up to you. The one thing you should never even consider is cleaning the scene. For one thing, cleaning the suicide scene can be a traumatic event for any family, friends, co-workers, or loved one. But the main reason is because the scene contains blood, bodily fluids, and pieces of skin, and these are all considered bio-hazard materials.

Choose Professional Suicide Cleaners Maple Grove, MN

OSHA, State, Federal, and Local authorities all have very specific rules and guidelines that must be used for the cleaning and disposal of bio-hazard materials. Here at 11th Hour we have over ten years’ experience in this industry. We use top of the line equipment, the highest quality personal protection gear, and only industry recommended supplies, cleaners, disinfectants, deodorizers, and sanitizers. All our technicians are highly trained and experienced, there is little we have not seen or cleaned. All our jobs are completed according to all rules and regulations, and our goal is to restore the scene back to the safe and inhabitable state it was before the incident. Our priority is you, our customer, and we will do whatever we can to assist you.

We Guarantee Compassion Discreetness and Satisfaction

Our company was founded on the principle of compassion and helping people during their hardest times in their lives. All our employees are filled with compassion, we are sorry for your loss and we wish you peace. None of our employees will ever disclose our purpose for being there, we will not discuss your situation or details with anyone. We believe you deserve privacy and we will always be discreet. When we have finished the job, you are free to inspect our work and let us know if you need anything else done. We are meticulous are removing all pathogens, bacteria, and other dangerous materials. We want you to be satisfied.

If you or someone you know in Maple Grove needs assistance with a suicide clean-up please call us, we want to help, we know how to help, and we will help you. We currently service all of Minnesota.

We are available 24/7 to answer questions or discuss your options. (612) 255-6384