Suicide Madison, SDHere at 11th Hour we pride ourselves on being a compassionate understanding company first and foremost in everything we do. Whether that be with client relations or employee interactions, 11th Hours founding principles are held up in every aspect of what we do. Almost to a fault we plan on working with you through anything uncomfortable on your time frame. Homicide, Suicide, Hoarding, animal waste, and infectious diseases; we have trained professionals to walk you through each portion of the cleanup. We ease you through the process so that your life can hopefully be made simpler in whichever portion of your journey you are currently at.

Compassion Every Cleaning, Every Call, Every Time

Our compassion starts with the office answering the phones. Sometimes you may just need an ear, someone to tell you it will be okay. We deal with traumatic events daily and understand. Our troubleshooting starts the minute you call. Sure these are also our salespeople but our goal is just to make sure you get help, the help you need even more so than making a sales pitch. When a homicide or suicide happens you need to know someone is looking out for you, especially during this difficult period.  After the phones have been answered we have wonderful technicians who have been trained to respectfully clean up the bio-hazards from the residence. We don’t hire anyone who doesn’t put compassion first. This is a job but this is also our lives co-mingling with your lives. Showing in our small way, humanity still exists and things can get better one moment at a time. Technicians are trained to respect your privacy something no person should have to worry about especially while you are dealing with grievances. All pictures taken are either for personal job record, insurance, or estimations. Then any questions you have about the cleaners sent will be explained. You have a lot on your mind and shouldn’t have to worry about whom you are hiring or confusion on the work being done to remediate the building/rooms in which the deceased died. Personal property being moved around is treated with dignity and respect as if it were our own.

Suicide and Homicide Cleaners

11th Hour wants to help. If you got to this blog, please don’t try to cleanup any untimely death yourself. As much as we would like your business, we want to make sure you do not expose yourself to any bio-hazardous materials that may be contaminated. Blood and bodily fluids contain diseases that are infectious and need to be cleaned professionally.


If you are in South Dakota, call us at 605-301-4809. We are here 24/7 to answer your questions and assist you in any way we can.