Chicago Suicide Clean UpWhen you learn that a loved one or friend has committed suicide, the walls literally feel like they are closing in on you.  Perhaps you knew that he/she was in pain, but did not know the extent, or perhaps you were unaware all together.  There are a flood of emotions including sadness, regret, confusion, anger and even anger that take over as you begin to come to grips with your new reality.  In the midst of the shock, there are many things to do, people to contact and a funeral or memorial to consider. The last thing that needs to be on your mind is cleaning up the scene of the suicide.  But, after first responders have done their work, the area left behind must be cleaned in order for it to be deemed safe again. Rather than cleaning this yourself, you should hire a professional suicide cleanup service that can take care of this for you.  11th Hour can take care of all aspects of suicide cleanup in the Chicago IL area, so that you and your family can focus on the healing process.

Why Use A Professional Cleanup Service?

Suicide or crime scene cleanup should never be left to loved ones or friends of the victim. This just adds to the pain and suffering of the ones close to the victim and is also unsafe for those who are not professionally trained and wearing protective gear.  The team at 11th Hour can take over the cleanup from start to finish and restore the entire area to safety, so that you can begin to move forward.

Professional Suicide Cleanup, Disinfection and Restoration

11th Hour brings the highest quality cleanup equipment to each suicide or crime scene to ensure that when they are finished, the area is safe and free from all traces of biohazardous materials.  Our team will immediately block off the area and apply multiple cleaning solutions that both sanitize and fully disinfect the area.  Before our job is complete, we use equipment that can test the area and guarantee that it is safe for use.

If you are concerned about the expense of the suicide cleanup, our team can also discuss this with you, offer affordable payment plans and can even help you file a claim with your insurance company, as many cover this type of work.

For more information about the professional crime scene and suicide cleanup offered in the Chicago, IL area by 11th Hour, call 1-877-797-7035 to speak with a member of our experienced staff.