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Hoarding and Clutter Clean-Up Brooklyn Center, MN

hoarding severe clutter mnDo you live in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota and have a home, apartment, garage, or storage shed that filled up with clutter? Or maybe you have a friend or relative that is in need of assistance to get the clutter cleared out. Sometimes there are inspections that must be passed or even city orders to get the property cleared out. The number one thing 11th Hour wants you to know is there no reason you need to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or anxious

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Crime Scene Clean-Up Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

crimescenemaplegroveIn Wisconsin’s city of fun, it has been reported the crime rate is 92 per 1000 residents. 11th Hour, Inc. is the only crime scene cleanup company you will ever need to call. Crime scenes encompasses a large array of incidents. Here are some of situations 11th Hour can assist you with cleaning up: Homicide/Murder/Suicide/Attempted Suicide/Tear Gas/Riot Gas/Blood and Bodily Fluids/Infectious Diseases/Animal and Pet Filth/Trauma and Accidents/Hoarding/Gross Filth/Trashed Properties/Unattended Death/Sewage and Fecal Matter Back-ups. We clean private houses, rental properties, hotels, motels, businesses, mobile homes, garages, vehicles, and anywhere a bio-hazard needs to be cleaned.

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Crime Scene Clean Up Sioux Falls SD

Crime Scene Cleanup SD

Experienced Crime Scene Cleaners in South Dakota

We have over 10-years’ biohazard cleaning and remediation experience. Our employees are highly trained, certified and completely capable of cleaning scenes that contain blood and other bodily fluids, which may carry a variety of diseases, and must be cleaned and disposed of properly. You can be assured we will always be in compliance with OSHA, CDC, EPA and other State, Local, and Federal agencies. Many insurance policies cover crime scene clean-up in homes, automobiles and businesses. 11th Hour has successfully worked with insurance companies and will make sure they have all information they require.

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Filth Clean Up MNGross filth is used for several different scenarios, although we dislike the terms “gross” and “filth” unfortunately, they are keywords used widely to find our services.  This could pertain to animal feces, severe clutter, animal carcasses, rotten food, and/or abandoned/distressed properties.  At 11th Hour, the most common gross filth calls we receive involve hoarding. Hoarding is a mental health issue, thought to be a form of Compulsive Obsessive Disorder, usually multiplied by major depressive disorder, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. In the beginning it is simply collecting, but eventually collections overtake the home and the hoarder becomes severely attached to their possessions, even things others may see as garbage. It is this deep attachment that makes this clean-up so difficult.

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Nicotine Stain Cleaning & Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

Nicotine Stain Cleaning MinnesotaHas your home, business or vehicle experienced years of abuse from cigarettes, cigars or tobacco smoke? Have you recently purchased or recovered property only to discover discoloration, stains and persistent smoke odor? Chances are all walls, fabric, and structure are several shades darker than their original condition, and all items could benefit from professional cleaning and deodorization services.

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Hoarding Cleanup Minnesota

Years of neglect and not tending to a property can quickly become overwhelming for friends, family, and neighbors alike. While it is unfortunate, hoarding is more prevalent than most people realize and those experiencing it are certainly not alone. At 11th Hour, we are here to help. We offer compassionate hoarding, clutter, and trash removal services for Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Our experienced teams are trained and certified to carefully sort personal property as well as dispose of trash and clutter…

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