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Blog Posts Tagged: Hoarding

Hoarding Help MN

Hoarding Help NDHoarding is the intense need to keep objects or keepsakes. A person who suffers from hoarding disorder experiences extreme difficulty and distress about getting rid of or parting with those items. Over time, an individual with hoarding disorder accumulates many objects, regardless of actual emotional or monetary value. This can present many problems including cramped living conditions, narrow pathways through a home that can present a tripping hazard, and unsanitary conditions. Often times those with hoarding disorder do not see it as a problem, so it can be a challenge for friends and family to intervene on their behalf. 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy & Biohazard Cleaning Specialists specializes in confidential, respectful hoarding cleanup services for those in the Minnesota area. We can help your friend, neighbor or loved one make steady progress toward de-cluttering their home and clean, disinfect and sanitize the area so that it is safe for habitation.

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Hoarding Waukesha, WI

hoarding2Hoarding: To amass a large amount of stuff, usually useful things but far too many. Hoarding Disorder: A medical condition in which a person has difficulty parting or discarding possessions; valuable or otherwise. This is because they feel a need to save said items and actually feel distress with discarding or getting rid of them. On an emotional level, this distress is similar to a family member loss. A hoarding disorder is also considered as a purely hoarding issue if no other mental issues are present and it isn’t the result of a brain/head injury. To be classified as

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Crime Scene Cleanup, Lincoln ND

homicide lincoln ndNorth Dakota has seen a huge influx of people since around 2006 when the Bakken formation was discovered. The oil boom has created more jobs, higher wages, increased cost of living, and more crime. Prior to 2006 Lincoln violent crime rates were pretty much nonexistent. Sadly after the oil boom started crime rates shot up rapidly. In 2011 rates peaked out at 211 per 100,000 people. This actually is below the national average living anywhere in the United States. At first thought or glance

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Crime Scene Clean-Up Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

crimescenemaplegroveIn Wisconsin’s city of fun, it has been reported the crime rate is 92 per 1000 residents. 11th Hour, Inc. is the only crime scene cleanup company you will ever need to call. Crime scenes encompasses a large array of incidents. Here are some of situations 11th Hour can assist you with cleaning up: Homicide/Murder/Suicide/Attempted Suicide/Tear Gas/Riot Gas/Blood and Bodily Fluids/Infectious Diseases/Animal and Pet Filth/Trauma and Accidents/Hoarding/Gross Filth/Trashed Properties/Unattended Death/Sewage and Fecal Matter Back-ups. We clean private houses, rental properties, hotels, motels, businesses, mobile homes, garages, vehicles, and anywhere a bio-hazard needs to be cleaned.

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MN Hoarding & Severe Clutter Clean-Up Assistance

hoarding severe clutter mnSome of our houses are a little messy, some of our houses are a little cluttered, some of our houses are dirty, some of our houses are filthy, and some of our houses have been taken over by hoarding. One day a special item catches your eye and then you find another one of those special items, and another, and another, and all the sudden you have a whole room full. Or, you are an avid reader and collect books, you find them at garage sales, thrift stores, second hand book stores, and even buy some new ones too, and one day you look around and realize you have thousands of books. There are piles everywhere, piles of everything, anything, they just seemed to appear one day. The reality is, it happened gradually, probably over several years, and it is called hoarding.

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Hoarder Cleaning Saint Paul, Minnesota

Hoarder Cleaning Saint PaulIf you or a loved one are dealing with a difficult hoarding or trashed housing situation, do not hesitate to reach out for help. 11th Hour is Saint Paul’s premiere hoarder cleaning and restoration company. We offer compassionate services and take a sincere approach to clutter and filth removal. Hoarding is a very serious issue and an ever increasing problem in St Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities metro area…

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Hoarding Cleanup Minnesota

Years of neglect and not tending to a property can quickly become overwhelming for friends, family, and neighbors alike. While it is unfortunate, hoarding is more prevalent than most people realize and those experiencing it are certainly not alone. At 11th Hour, we are here to help. We offer compassionate hoarding, clutter, and trash removal services for Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Our experienced teams are trained and certified to carefully sort personal property as well as dispose of trash and clutter…

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