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Suicide Cleanup Service Chicago IL

Chicago Suicide Clean UpWhen you learn that a loved one or friend has committed suicide, the walls literally feel like they are closing in on you.  Perhaps you knew that he/she was in pain, but did not know the extent, or perhaps you were unaware all together.  There are a flood of emotions including sadness, regret, confusion, anger and even anger that take over as you begin to come to grips with your new reality.  In the midst of the shock, there are many things to do, people to contact and a funeral or memorial to consider. The last thing that needs to be on your mind is cleaning up the scene of the suicide.  But, after first responders have done their work, the area left behind must be cleaned in order for it to be deemed safe again. Rather than cleaning this yourself, you should hire a professional suicide cleanup service that can take care of this for you.  11th Hour can take care of all aspects of suicide cleanup in the Chicago IL area, so that you and your family can focus on the healing process.

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Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleanup Service Chicago IL

Blood CleanupThe aftermath of a death, accident or other tragedy that leaves blood or bodily fluid is potentially dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with it.  The affected area that has remains, blood, feces, or other bodily fluid is a biohazard risk, meaning that disease and infection can be transmitted if individuals make contact with it.  Cleaning these bio-hazardous materials requires highly specialized professional training and equipment to ensure that the area is safe and others are not exposed.  11th Hour provides professional and confidential blood and bodily fluid cleanup services for the Chicago, IL area.

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Tear Gas Cleanup Cicero, IL

teargasTear Gas or CS is not a gas contrary to the sounding of the name. Tear gas is usually a powder that has chemical properties that make it reactant to heat. Generally, it comes in canisters that are either fired or thrown by a law enforcement agent into an area. Tear gas can have adverse effects on living organisms ranging from crying, sneezing, watery sinuses, difficulty breathing, itching, and even burning. Did you know tear gas is banned from

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Tear Gas Clean-Up Elgin, Illinois

teargas2-Cholrobenzalmalonitrile (CS.) is the chemical compound that makes up and defines tear gas. A non-lethal (controversial) chemical outlawed since 1993 globally for warfare is legal for domestic -control scenarios. This means while armed military use flash-bangs, police are using tear gas. CS is often used in situations where law enforcement deems their lives or public lives are in danger. Unruly concerts, major sporting

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Pigeon, Bat, Mice, Raccoon, Bird & Other Animal Feces Cleanup

animal messes cleaningDo you live in Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Illinois and have a house, garage, attic, out-building, yard, roof, or business property that birds, bats, mice, rats, raccoon’s, dogs, cats, or any other animal has left a dirty mess in or on? 11th Hour, Inc. can help you, we clean up all these messes and restore your property to its original condition. Not only is this type of damage hard to clean, it often contains highly infectious materials that can cause serious illness or even diseases, and should never be attempted to clean by a lay-person…these are definitely jobs for professionals. Not only is the proper equipment and supplies needed, so is personal protective gear.

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Pigeon, Bat, Mice, Raccoon & Other Animal Feces Cleanup

animal feces cleanupAnimal feces is very infectious and can be a serious health risk if not handled properly. It is a difficult task removing the feces and urine and on top of that the odor is awful and also must be removed. There is always more feces than a visual inspection shows, chances are it has also penetrated all the surfaces around and under it. It is essential that all feces and urine be removed. If you, a family member or a friend needs cleaning and disposal of fecal matter from pigeons, dogs, cats, bats, rats, mice, raccoons or any other animals, please do not attempt to clean it yourself. Call the professionals at 11th Hour.

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Homicide, Suicide, Murder, Blood, Bodily Fluids Clean-Up

homicidesuicideMany people wonder who cleans up the murder scenes, the suicides, the unattended deaths, the bleed outs, and other crime scene. The police, medical examiner, and CSI technicians go over the scene, collect evidence, try to predict what happened, and when their work is completed, they leave. What is left is an often a bloody mess. 11th Hour is a Bio-Hazard cleaning company, and we clean up the aftermath of these situations. We work in homes, apartments, mobile homes, businesses, vehicles,

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Crime Scene Cleaners in Illinois

Crime Scene Cleaners IllinoisAfter a serious crime has been committed, the people left behind in the aftermath face the difficult and traumatic experience of cleaning up something they should never have to. Many customers are in shock after a disturbing incident occurs and don’t realize there are companies like 11th Hour that are there for them in their time of need…

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