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Crime Scene & Bio-Hazard Cleanup Hennepin County MN

Crime Scene Cleanup Hennepin County MN” width=”300″ height=”300″ />Crime scene and bio-hazard cleanup encompass a large array of situations. The most accurate name is CTS decontamination (crime and trauma scene decontamination), it is also referred to as bio-hazard remediation or bio-hazard cleanup. These terms are used for the cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials and they also refer to bio-hazard remediation or bio-hazard cleanup, because crime scenes are only a portion of situations that require bio-hazard cleaning. Some of the incidents we clean include: homicide, suicide, accidental deaths, stabbings, decomposition after an unattended death, mass trauma, industrial accidents, bird flu, animal feces, hoarding, methamphetamine labs, anthrax exposure, tear gas clean up, infectious diseases, Ebola and animal-hoarding sites. Here at 11th Hour, our goal is to restore the scene to its pre-incident state.

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Animal Cleanup Minneapolis

Animal Cleanup Minneapolis11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Specialists have earned a reputation for being amazing professionals in the field of crime scene cleanup and for good reason.  There are no better crime scene cleanup companies out there.  In addition to the remnants left at crime scenes, blood and other bodily fluids, 11th Hour is also able to restore homes and property in the Minnesota area that have had bad experiences with animals.

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Blood and Bodily Fluids Cleanup, Minneapolis, Minnesota

blood bodily fluids minneapolis workplaceAs you may have guessed, this is going to deal primarily with the cleanup of blood and various other bodily fluids. Everyone has gotten a cut in some way or other: working in the yard, making dinner, or handling something sharp. You apply some pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding, clean it with an antiseptic like hydrogen peroxide, and then put a bandage on the cut. Common knowledge and technique has the person who hurt themselves capable of handling the blood/cut from start to finish. What happens when it isn’t something minor like a workplace accident?

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Suicide Cleanup in Minneapolis, Minnesota

suicide MplsIn the United States the suicide rate is the highest it has been in 25-years. Currently there are 40,000 suicides annually, which is a suicide in the United States every 13 minutes. This makes suicide the tenth-leading cause of death in the nation, and the second-leading cause of death for ages 15–34. We all feel a little down or depressed some of the time, but usually it is a temporary type of sadness. Studies have shown that 90% of the people that commit suicide have some type of mental illness, ranging from depression to schizophrenia. Our hearts break when we think of the pain they must have been in

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Homicide Murder Cleaning Minneapolis, Minnesota

homicide mplsJust last night I was watching the news and they said the number of murders in Minneapolis are on the rise for the first time in three years. The first half of 2015 has seen the murder rate up 50 percent over the same time last year. The police have no explanation for the increase, but they say the common denominator this year is that guns are usually involved in the violence. As unimaginable as it is, the numbers do not lie. Any death is a heartbreaking, painful, confusion, scary, and difficult time. But when you lose a loved one at the hands of another, it greatly increases the pain and suffering. The police, CSI, forensic scientists, and coroners

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Pigeon Dropping Clean Up Minnesota

Pigeon Poop Cleanup Minneapolis11th Hour offers a variety of animal / pet filth cleanup services, and pigeon feces is no exemption.  Has your home, business, warehouse, power plant or commercial property fallen victim to the nuisance of multiple birds roosting and leaving their mess behind on your rooftop, stairwell, or other areas of the building?  We can help. 11th Hour technicians are OSHA and EPA compliant and all employees are highly trained and certified.  We have the knowledge and experience to safely remove any/all harmful pigeon fecal matter, while operating harnesses, lanyards, and other rooftop and fall protection equipment when necessary. If you’re dealing with a disgusting and dangerous mess, you’ve found the company capable of handling it.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup – no

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Blood Cleanup Minneapolis MN

Blood Cleanup MNBlood comes with very real health risks, there are a multitude of bloodborne pathogens that can cause diseases and significant health risks. If you need blood cleanup services for any reason contact 11th Hour. We are a well-equipped, certified and trained biohazard cleanup company that offers Minneapolis, MN our professional cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing services.

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