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Suicide Cleanup Services South Dakota

Suicide Clean UpAny type of sudden and unexpected death of a loved may bring about feelings of shock along with expected grief. Because the act of suicide usually comes without warning, loved ones who are forced to face the loss of a loved one who has committed suicide may experience an overwhelming whirlwind of unexpected emotions. When tragedies like suicide occur, 11th Hour provides discreet and understanding professional suicide cleaning service in South Dakota.  We are available to take the responsibility of safely and properly cleaning any area, 24/7 and are committed to giving the deceased’s loved ones peace, time, and space to come to grips with their tragic loss.

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Unattended Death Sioux Falls SD

Decomposed Body Clean upWhen a death occurs, but the body is not found for several days, weeks, or in some extreme cases even months, this is considered an unattended death. In this tragic type of situation, the cause of death is frequently suicide, or a death of a person who died without family or friends closeby to check in on them. An unattended death can be a terribly tragic event for the loved ones and friends. At 11th Hour, we are committed to serving the loved ones of such victims, and our unattended death cleanup service works to restore your property to livable conditions as quickly as possible

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Pigeon, Bat, Mice, Raccoon, Bird & Other Animal Feces Cleanup

animal messes cleaningDo you live in Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Illinois and have a house, garage, attic, out-building, yard, roof, or business property that birds, bats, mice, rats, raccoon’s, dogs, cats, or any other animal has left a dirty mess in or on? 11th Hour, Inc. can help you, we clean up all these messes and restore your property to its original condition. Not only is this type of damage hard to clean, it often contains highly infectious materials that can cause serious illness or even diseases, and should never be attempted to clean by a lay-person…these are definitely jobs for professionals. Not only is the proper equipment and supplies needed, so is personal protective gear.

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Pigeon, Bat, Mice, Raccoon & Other Animal Feces Cleanup

animal feces cleanupAnimal feces is very infectious and can be a serious health risk if not handled properly. It is a difficult task removing the feces and urine and on top of that the odor is awful and also must be removed. There is always more feces than a visual inspection shows, chances are it has also penetrated all the surfaces around and under it. It is essential that all feces and urine be removed. If you, a family member or a friend needs cleaning and disposal of fecal matter from pigeons, dogs, cats, bats, rats, mice, raccoons or any other animals, please do not attempt to clean it yourself. Call the professionals at 11th Hour.

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Homicide, Suicide, Murder, Blood, Bodily Fluids Clean-Up

homicidesuicideMany people wonder who cleans up the murder scenes, the suicides, the unattended deaths, the bleed outs, and other crime scene. The police, medical examiner, and CSI technicians go over the scene, collect evidence, try to predict what happened, and when their work is completed, they leave. What is left is an often a bloody mess. 11th Hour is a Bio-Hazard cleaning company, and we clean up the aftermath of these situations. We work in homes, apartments, mobile homes, businesses, vehicles,

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Crime Scene Cleanup Sioux Falls, SD

crimesceneSDUnfortunately crime rates are raising across the United States. In addition the economy, unemployment, and increasing stress are affecting more and more people. Homicides and suicides are devastating events for loved ones. There will be plenty of emotions loved ones go through, and lots of details, large and small they must handle. Cleaning the site is one detail loved ones should not have to face. We want to spare you the emotional upheaval of cleaning the site of your distress. If a homicide or suicide happens and you live in South Dakota, 11th Hour is here to help you.

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Crime Scene Clean Up Sioux Falls SD

Crime Scene Cleanup SD

Experienced Crime Scene Cleaners in South Dakota

We have over 10-years’ biohazard cleaning and remediation experience. Our employees are highly trained, certified and completely capable of cleaning scenes that contain blood and other bodily fluids, which may carry a variety of diseases, and must be cleaned and disposed of properly. You can be assured we will always be in compliance with OSHA, CDC, EPA and other State, Local, and Federal agencies. Many insurance policies cover crime scene clean-up in homes, automobiles and businesses. 11th Hour has successfully worked with insurance companies and will make sure they have all information they require.

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