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Suicide Cleanup Madison, SD

Suicide Madison, SDHere at 11th Hour we pride ourselves on being a compassionate understanding company first and foremost in everything we do. Whether that be with client relations or employee interactions, 11th Hours founding principles are held up in every aspect of what we do. Almost to a fault we plan on working with you through anything uncomfortable on your time frame. Homicide, Suicide, Hoarding, animal waste, and infectious diseases; we have trained professionals to walk you through each portion of

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Homicide Clean-up, Bloomington, MN

Homicide Bloomington, MNUnfortunately, this year one homicide has occurred Bloomington, Minnesota. Fortunately, there are many companies specializing in crime scene cleanup. How do you know which company to choose while dealing with the stress and grievance of your immediate loss? How do you decide which company has your best interests in mind and is looking out for you? Who can you trust to bill you fairly in a situation that will most likely NEVER occur again in your lifetime?

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Crime Scene Cleanup, Lincoln ND

homicide lincoln ndNorth Dakota has seen a huge influx of people since around 2006 when the Bakken formation was discovered. The oil boom has created more jobs, higher wages, increased cost of living, and more crime. Prior to 2006 Lincoln violent crime rates were pretty much nonexistent. Sadly after the oil boom started crime rates shot up rapidly. In 2011 rates peaked out at 211 per 100,000 people. This actually is below the national average living anywhere in the United States. At first thought or glance

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Death Clean-Up in Minnesota

Death Clean Up MinnesotaDeath is always a sad time. Accidental, homicide, unattended, or suicide, all affect the families of the deceased. During this painful, confusing, and sad time 11th Hour is here for you. Death scenes must be cleaned up by professionals, never should family members attempt to clean these scenes. There are strict regulations in place by state, federal, local, and OSHA regarding bio-hazard clean-up and disposal. 11th Hour is a crime scene/bio-hazard clean-up company.

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Hopkins Minnesota Professional Crime Scene Cleaners


A sad reality of the world we live in today is crime rates and suicides are climbing up at an alarming pace. 11th Hour, Inc. is here to help you if you are a victim or family member of someone who has been the subject of crime. We clean all bio-hazard sites: murder, suicide, accidents, tear-gas, violent rape, unattended deaths, industrial accidents, mass trauma, and many types of hazardous sites. We will clean wherever, whenever you need us. This is a difficult time, and we know the scene can be

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Crime Scene Clean-Up Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

crimescenemaplegroveIn Wisconsin’s city of fun, it has been reported the crime rate is 92 per 1000 residents. 11th Hour, Inc. is the only crime scene cleanup company you will ever need to call. Crime scenes encompasses a large array of incidents. Here are some of situations 11th Hour can assist you with cleaning up: Homicide/Murder/Suicide/Attempted Suicide/Tear Gas/Riot Gas/Blood and Bodily Fluids/Infectious Diseases/Animal and Pet Filth/Trauma and Accidents/Hoarding/Gross Filth/Trashed Properties/Unattended Death/Sewage and Fecal Matter Back-ups. We clean private houses, rental properties, hotels, motels, businesses, mobile homes, garages, vehicles, and anywhere a bio-hazard needs to be cleaned.

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Crime Scene Cleaning Maple Grove, Minnesota

crimescenemaplegroveIn Minnesota we are seeing a sharp increase the number of murders and other violent crimes being committed. In addition, our suicide rates have risen to the highest ever for MN. Stabbing, homicide, attempted murder, aggressive burglaries, suicide, shooting, unattended death, severe beatings, muggings, accidental death, and violent rape are all crime scenes. These are all devastating events, not only for the victim but also for family, friends, and loved ones. This is a heart-retching, painful, scary time, and you may be experiencing several emotions all at once, from

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Crime Scene Cleaning Eagan, Minnesota

crimescenecopUnfortunately, Minnesota is becoming a more violent state. Murders are up fifty percent from last year at this same time. The majority of these murders involve the use of guns. Besides the increase in murders Minnesota is also seeing a sharp rise in suicides also. Shootings, stabbings, homicide, suicide, unattended death, attempted murder, traumatic injury, tear gas releases, and accidental injuries can all be classified as crime scenes. Crime scenes must be cleaned by qualified CST (Crime Scene Technicians). There are several reasons why friends, family, and loved ones should never clean the scene.

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Crime Scene Clean-Up Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

crimescenecleanMinnesota is seeing a sharp rise in murders this year, up 50 percent from last year. In addition other violent crimes are also on the increase. Sadly, Minnesotans are facing a deadly new enemy, themselves, as suicide rates have increased sharply. Homicide, suicide, attempted murder, unattended death, traumatic injury, stabbings, shootings, attempted suicides, tear gas usage, and accidental injuries may all be considered crime scenes. As crime scenes they must be properly cleaned by qualified CST (Crime Scene Technicians). Friends, family members, and loved ones should never clean the scene.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Company & Bio-Hazard Cleaning

crimescenpiecesMany people ask what crime scene cleanup is. It is a term used for the cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials. It is also referred to as bio-hazard remediation or bio-hazard cleanup, because crime scenes are only a portion of situations that require bio-hazard cleaning. The most accurate name is probably CTS decontamination (crime and trauma scene decontamination). Some of the incidents we clean: homicide, suicide, accidental deaths, stabbings, decomposition after an unattended death, mass trauma, industrial accidents, bird flu, animal feces, hoarding, methamphetamine labs, anthrax exposure, tear gas clean up, infectious diseases, Ebola and animal-hoarding sites. Here at 11th Hour, our goal is to restore the scene to its pre-incident state. The job is hazardous, grueling, and not for the faint-of-heart, or stomach.

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