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Pigeon, Bat, Mice, Raccoon & Other Animal Feces Cleanup

animal feces cleanupAnimal feces is very infectious and can be a serious health risk if not handled properly. It is a difficult task removing the feces and urine and on top of that the odor is awful and also must be removed. There is always more feces than a visual inspection shows, chances are it has also penetrated all the surfaces around and under it. It is essential that all feces and urine be removed. If you, a family member or a friend needs cleaning and disposal of fecal matter from pigeons, dogs, cats, bats, rats, mice, raccoons or any other animals, please do not attempt to clean it yourself. Call the professionals at 11th Hour.

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Crime Scene Clean-Up Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

crimescenemaplegroveIn Wisconsin’s city of fun, it has been reported the crime rate is 92 per 1000 residents. 11th Hour, Inc. is the only crime scene cleanup company you will ever need to call. Crime scenes encompasses a large array of incidents. Here are some of situations 11th Hour can assist you with cleaning up: Homicide/Murder/Suicide/Attempted Suicide/Tear Gas/Riot Gas/Blood and Bodily Fluids/Infectious Diseases/Animal and Pet Filth/Trauma and Accidents/Hoarding/Gross Filth/Trashed Properties/Unattended Death/Sewage and Fecal Matter Back-ups. We clean private houses, rental properties, hotels, motels, businesses, mobile homes, garages, vehicles, and anywhere a bio-hazard needs to be cleaned.

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Homicide, Suicide, Murder, Blood, Bodily Fluids Clean-Up

homicidesuicideMany people wonder who cleans up the murder scenes, the suicides, the unattended deaths, the bleed outs, and other crime scene. The police, medical examiner, and CSI technicians go over the scene, collect evidence, try to predict what happened, and when their work is completed, they leave. What is left is an often a bloody mess. 11th Hour is a Bio-Hazard cleaning company, and we clean up the aftermath of these situations. We work in homes, apartments, mobile homes, businesses, vehicles,

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Restaurant Blood Cleanup Green Bay, Wisconsin

Blood Cleanup WisconsinAre you the owner of a bar and grill or restaurant? Then you are aware of the immense responsibilities that come with owning and operating a small business. While we wish nothing but the best and hope your business is prosperous and successful, the grim reality is that, however rare, an incident that requires biohazard cleaning may occur on your property. If it does, are you prepared?

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Low Cost Odor Removal for Real Estate Agents in MN & WI

odor-removal-experts-mn-wiHave you ever tried to sell a home with a subtle, annoying or obnoxious odor? It probably didn’t work out so well and chances are Febreeze and other household sprays and cleaners didn’t do the trick. It makes the property a tough sell for potential customers with lingering dog, cat, rodent, smoke and other unpleasant odors. 11th Hour offers odor control and elimination for Real Estate Agents in Minnesota for…

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