tear gas remediation services ILTear gas is a substance that you never want to come into contact with if you can help it.  It is normally used as a form of a weapon to disorient an individual or group, often used in riot control to force crowds to disperse from an area.  Tear gas causes severe irritation and pain to the eyes, nose and throat and in some cases can cause vomiting and even temporary blindness.  If your home, business or property has been the site of a tear gas incident, it is critical that you seek professional cleaning services as soon as possible to restore the area to safety.  11th Hour provides residential & commercial tear gas cleaning for those in the Illinois area and will safely remove tear gas residue so that you can return to normal use without concern for your health or the health of your loved ones.

Residential & Commercial Tear Gas Cleaning Services

Tear gas is extremely difficult to remove once an area has been exposed to the toxic substance. In fact, without professional cleaning services to remove the tear gas residue, an affected area can be deemed unsafe and uninhabitable. Immediate treatment of a site affected by tear gas is important in order to minimize the long term impact of a tear gas and so that the risk of cross contamination is lessened.

Tear gas residue is absorbed directly into furniture, carpeting, even ceilings, walls and flooring.  Cleaning the affected area is extremely difficult and can only be handled by a professional, who has the expertise as well as the equipment to keep them safe.  Our team uses a respirator, hazmat suit and seals and sections off small areas at a time to decontaminate thoroughly and effectively.  We can dispose of any contaminated materials in the area that cannot be safely salvaged. Before our job is complete, we will test the area to be sure that the air is clean and safe.

Tear Gas Cleanup Services in Illinois

If tear gas is not completely eliminated from an area, it can continue to pose significant health risks.  If you are in the Illinois area, partner with 11th Hour to ensure that the area is treated appropriately.  You will receive prompt service, high quality tear gas remediation services and a guarantee that the area is completely cleaned before we leave the scene.  Call 1-844-255-2461 anytime for help, or to learn more about our suite of services.