Tear Gas Cleanup ILTear gas is specifically used for riot control.  It causes very quick and severe irritation and pain in the eyes, nose, skin and respiratory system.  It often produces tears and can even lead to temporary blindness.  The most common forms of tear gas are pepper spray, CS Gas, CR Gas, and Mace.  What you may not know is that tear gas also has an impact on the property where it was released and can cause damage and make it unsafe for individuals to inhabit it for an extended period of time.  If your property has been the site of a tear gas incident, professional cleaning is the best possible option to ensure that your property is safe for use.  11th Hour, a professional crime scene, biohazard and tragedy cleanup service serving Chicago, IL, can fully restore your property to safety after a tear gas incident.

Restoring Safety After Tear Gas Incident

11th Hour offers full service tear gas remediation service, cleaning your property from top to bottom (and everything in between) to ensure that there is no tear gas residue left behind that would cause problems for you and future guests.  Our team will chemically treat your entire property, paying special attention to HVAC units, flooring, ceilings and upholstery.  If we find that an item can no longer be salvaged, we can also dispose of it properly so as to minimize the potential for cross-contamination.  You will find that our team of professionals will wear protective gear during the entire cleaning, disinfecting and remediation process and will block off the entire area to maintain safety.

Why Hire A Professional Cleanup Crew For Tear Gas Remediation?

Tear gas residue is extremely difficult to thoroughly remove and nearly impossible without the help of experienced professionals. Do not attempt to clean an area on your own — you may just cause yourself unnecessary exposure and additional problems.  If you live in the Chicago, IL area, trust 11th Hour for this job.  Our highly experienced team is certified through OSHA and has more than a decade of experience successfully cleaning and removing the residue left from tear or riot gas.  In addition to being the most experienced company in the area, we also guarantee to beat any qualified competitors prices, so you can be confident you will receive high quality service at a reasonable price.

The professionals at 11th Hour are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help those in need of crime scene, tragedy or biohazard cleanup in the Chicago, IL area.  Call 1-877-797-7035 now for more information, or to speak with a member of our team.