teargasTear Gas or CS is not a gas contrary to the sounding of the name. Tear gas is usually a powder that has chemical properties that make it reactant to heat. Generally, it comes in canisters that are either fired or thrown by a law enforcement agent into an area. Tear gas can have adverse effects on living organisms ranging from crying, sneezing, watery sinuses, difficulty breathing, itching, and even burning. Did you know tear gas is banned from international warfare but NOT in domestic law enforcement? Basically Tear is to be used as riot control, to save innocent lives when no other option is available, and as a deterrent to keep law enforcement safe. Frequently Cops/National Guard will use tear gas to break up rioting and looting outside. This actually is a preferred scenario as the tear gas can get diluted through natural dispersion of the elements to the point where cleaning is virtually unneeded.

Indoors Tear Gas Clean-Up

Inside a home or business tear gas is a completely different story as far as cleaning goes. Tear gas gets released as fine powder into the air. That air circulates everywhere in the room the tear gas canister was released in. The powder then lands on everything. A few hours after the powder settles the room is usually tolerable for entry. However; the tear gas is there waiting for a heat source to reactivate. Due to all of the adverse effects tear gas can have on people the exposed environment must be deep cleaned top to bottom; every wall, every personal belong exposed, and even the carpet. This is a very time intensive process due to everything needing to be cleaned. Some items like clothing, drapes, or upholstered furniture are not recommended to be salvaged. If attempting to save something like this, it is recommended you wash or launder the clothes repeatedly. This does not guarantee cleaning because water DILUTES but does not neutralize tear gas. Since people themselves are a source of heat wearing any clothes or using something porous exposed to tear gas risks reactivation of the tear gas usually causing an intense itching/burning feeling. Carpeting should be removed in tear gas cleanup again for the same reasons.

Experienced Tear Gas Cleaners

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