Tear Gas Cleanup Milwaukee WIUnfortunately, if you’re a resident of Milwaukee, you know too well how the recent riots have affected the community.  Business owners and homeowners are feeling the pain after their belongings and possessions have been damaged due to the recent riots in Milwaukee.  If you’re one of the victims of the recent destruction and in need of any type of riot or tear gas cleanup, feel free to reach out to the experienced and compassionate team at 11th Hour today.

Tear Gas Remediation Milwaukee WI

One of the most common issues after a riot, is the cleanup.  Typically, police and emergency personnel will use tear gas to help control crowds, and restore order during violent riots.  The problem with riot gas or tear gas is that the residual effects can be significant.  If your home or business was exposed to any tear gas during the recent riots, it’s imperative that you have the area cleaned by tear gas cleanup professionals as soon as possible.

11th Hour has been providing tear gas remediation services for many years, and we therefore know the intense detail that is required to perform a proper tear gas cleanup job.  Our tear gas removal crew always wears protective equipment, to ensure that your home, or business will be tear gas free quickly, and thoroughly.  Our job is not complete until there is no residual tear gas chemicals present anywhere in or around your property.  We hold all of the necessary certifications to prove that we’re always acting in the best interest of our clients.  In addition, we have a barrage of tests that we perform after each tear gas cleanup job to ensure that no residual chemicals are left to cause harm to you, your employees, or your family.

Health Effects of Exposure to Tear Gas

While the side effects of tear gas exposure are often temporary and can include painful stinging in the eyes and nose, and possibly even tightening of the chest, occasionally exposure to tear gas can result in severe complications, and even death.  For this reason, it’s imperative that any areas that have been exposed to tear gas or riot gas be remediated as soon as possible.

Reach Out to 11th Hour for Help

If your home, or business was affected by the recent riots in Milwaukee, and you’re in need of tear gas cleanup, or riot cleanup services, the team at 11th Hour is here to help.  We promise that we’ll be compassionate and thorough in our efforts to restore your home, or business to pre-riot condition.  Give our office a call 24/7 at 877-797-7035 to learn how we can be of assistance.