Tear Gas Cleanup NDIt may not happen frequently, but after a situation in which tear gas, riot gas, CS, CN, pepper spray, mace or other chemical weapon is used, it is critical to clean the scene thoroughly and immediately to minimize any further impact.  These substances can be extremely difficult to eliminate from an affected area, so professional cleanup services are required in order to restore the area to safety.  The crime scene, tragedy and biohazard cleanup specialists at 11th Hour are uniquely qualified to safely clean and restore an area after a tear gas incident in North Dakota.

Safe And Professional Cleanup After Tear Gas Incident

Tear gas and riot gas is specifically designed to be absorbed and will completely contaminate the area in which it is used.  This makes it extremely difficult to remove residue from an area after its use.  Cleaning an area where tear gas, riot gas, CS, or CN has been used requires the experience of a professional clean up crew, special equipment and cleaning procedures.  The affected area must be deep cleaned and scoured to break down the tear gas residue.  Proper safety equipment is also necessary for safe and effective tear gas cleanup.  This includes a respirator and hazmat suit so that no one’s skin is exposed during the cleanup process.

In addition, it is not simply the area in question that must be cleaned after a tear gas incident. The HVAC systems, ceilings, floors, rugs, upholstery, walls and other substances in the area are often impacted by a tear gas, or riot gas incident.  Our team can also assess the area and determine what items are salvageable and what needs to be discarded.  The materials that are damaged are considered a biohazard risk and must be disposed of properly.  11th Hour can handle the removal process as well.

Tear Gas Cleanup Specialists North Dakota

The aftermath of an incident in which tear gas, riot gas, CS, CN, pepper spray or mace is used, must be cleaned completely in order for the area to be deemed safe for future use.  Exposure to tear gas, riot gas or other chemical weapons can cause extensive eye pain, temporary blindness, respiratory problems, and other symptoms.  If you oversee an area that has been the site of a tear gas incident, call the professional tear gas residue cleanup team at 11th Hour today at 1-877-797-7035  for help. We will quickly seal off the area so that the cleanup can begin and use professional cleaning techniques to restore the area to safety as soon as possible.  We’re available 24/7 to help with any of your biohazard cleanup needs.