Tear Gas Cleanup Wisconsin11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleanup Services is one of the few companies capable of thoroughly removing tear gas from homes and buildings in the Wisconsin area.  The company is highly regarded in the field of crime-scene cleanup (which includes such services as sanitizing sites after murders and suicides, hoarding, unattended death, and cleanup of former meth labs).  The staff does excellent work, and further, they work closely with their customers because the nature of their work almost always means that their customers have been through a difficult event.  The staff act professionally at all times, and especially when it comes to returning a crime scene to its previous status.  After an incident that involves the use of tear gas, it can take a long time for residents to be able to return without feeling a stinging and burning of their eyes and nose.  11th Hour can restore an area to safety quickly.

Thoroughly Tear Gas Removal, Wisconsin

Residents or business owners who have found that tear gas has infiltrated their property simply do not have the training or equipment necessary to remove all remnants of tear gas from their premises.  When it comes to tear gas, you must get it professionally cleaned to maintain the value of the home.  Tear gas is airborne.  Only a trained professional will be able to remove it from your property – from the floor to the ceiling.

Tear gas residue is extremely difficult to remove and requires many tedious steps. The professional tear gas cleanup crew at 11th Hour is equipped with the necessary gear and equipment and guarantees a quick and thorough cleaning.  Our specialized equipment ensures no spot is missed, and after the tear gas cleanup is complete, our team will test the area and certify that the area is fully clean. 11th Hour will not leave until the environment is completely safe for everyone.

Tear Gas Cleanup Professionals

Violent crime is more prevalent than it has ever been.  Public authorities are responding to public demonstrations more severely than at any time since the 1960s. Authorities responding to such incidents are increasingly needing to use tear gas to disperse the protesters. Tear gas is cannot be directed.  Once the canister is opened, the gas inside goes where the wind takes it and that means it could waft into your home or business.

When tear gas gets into your system, it burns badly.  You will feel it in your lungs, your eyes, your throat and your nasal passages.  If your Wisconsin home or business is affected by tear gas, call 11th Hour at 1-877-797-7035, and you will have immediate help.