Vacant Property Cleanup Rochester MNWhen a home has been trashed, it can mean an extensive cleanup job for someone, and chances are good that you’re not looking for that someone to be you. No matter who you are, if you’re dealing with the cleanup of someone else’s home, you’re probably not thrilled about the idea, and if it weren’t a necessary step in property resale, trashed home cleanups probably wouldn’t seem so difficult. As it stands, though, when you’re trying to sell a home that’s been trashed by a previous tenant or owner, or if you’re simply trying to clean up a home so that it can be salvaged for future use, it’s important to get as much of the damage and remaining trash gone as soon as possible and as thoroughly as possible so that you don’t have to worry about any remaining damage or trash lowering the value of the property. That’s where we come in. At 11th Hour, we provide Minnesota trashed home cleanup services to anyone looking for a professional home cleaning company to make a trashed home look livable again.

Safe and Thorough Property Cleanup

Dealing with trashed home cleanups can be an extremely difficult task, especially when you’re looking at substances that could be dangerous or difficult to clean. If you’re unsure about what you’re seeing in a trashed home, it’s always safer to call in a professional trashed home cleaning company so that you can be sure any chemicals or harmful substances are completely removed without any cause for worry. We’ll be sure that, on top of removing abandoned furniture, appliances, food, and debris from trashed homes, we’ll thoroughly clean all surfaces in the home to ensure that nothing harmful or unpleasant is left behind. When we’re through with the property cleanup, there will be nothing left but the structure of the property itself, free of any additions or trash that may have been left behind by previous tenants.

Home Damage Repair

In addition to removing trash and leftover property from trashed homes, we also ensure that, when we leave a trashed home, it looks ready for the arrival of new tenants or homeowners. That means that we not only remove the trash, we remove property damage from homes as well. This includes scrubbing dirty walls, floors, and ceilings and then painting any surfaces that need repainting to cover up damage or return the home to its natural color. A new coat of paint can cover wall and ceiling stains, and we’ll even work to remove graffiti, if necessary, so that there are no traces of property damage left behind. We also sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize entire properties using specialty equipment to keep diseases from spreading and to clean the air, carpets, and hard surfaces. For a thorough MN trashed home cleanup company, contact 11th Hour today at 612-251-3275, and let us worry about the chemicals, fluids, diseases, furniture, food, and debris that’s littering a trashed home.