Vacant Property Cleanup Rochester MNHas clutter, trash or unwanted items built up in your home, garage, business or storage facility over the last few years?  If you are looking for a serious clean-out of your home or business this season, 11th Hour of Minnesota can help you transform your trashed property into one that is clean, organized, sanitized, safe and inhabitable.

Trashed Property Cleanup Services

11th Hour specializes in thorough trashed property cleanup for business, homes, garages, storage facilities and other properties. Our professional cleanup crew will complete the following process to ensure that your property is left clean and safe for regular use:

  1. Remove and safely dispose of all materials that are no longer wanted/needed. 11th Hour can remove furniture, trash and debris, appliances and even biohazard materials that may have accumulated over time.  Our team is fully trained to handle and dispose of biohazardous materials (any materials soiled with blood, or other bodily fluids).
  2. Intense cleaning of the entire property, including scrubbing walls, deep cleaning all carpets, sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing the area. We will repeat the cleaning process until all surfaces are in good condition.
  3. After trash removal and cleaning is complete, our team can paint walls, ceilings, and any other surfaces that need it.
  4. Finally, our team will clean the exterior of your property so you can be confident that the entire property is safe and ready for normal use.

11th Hour Comprehensive Cleanup Services, MN

There are many reasons why your property may need the cleanup services of 11th Hour.  You may be a landlord that has realized that a tenant left a rental property nearly destroyed, a property manager that needs to clean up a group of apartments trashed by tenants, or you may have recently purchased a foreclosed property and are looking to make improvements.

In addition to trashed property cleanup, the professionals at 11th Hour can also provide assistance in hoarding situations, pet and animal filth, sewage and fecal matter cleanup, failed fridges and freezers, and in instances where odor removal and elimination is necessary.

Our team also understands the sensitive nature of these types of cleanup jobs and will be respectful of your privacy, will never share any details or information with neighbors or other family members and will keep all of your information private.  Our pricing is extremely competitive and you will find our customer service superior.  Call us at 1-877-797-7035 for more information about 11th Hour’s comprehensive cleanup services.