Decomposed Body Clean upWhen a death occurs, but the body is not found for several days, weeks, or in some extreme cases even months, this is considered an unattended death. In this tragic type of situation, the cause of death is frequently suicide, or a death of a person who died without family or friends closeby to check in on them. An unattended death can be a terribly tragic event for the loved ones and friends. At 11th Hour, we are committed to serving the loved ones of such victims, and our unattended death cleanup service works to restore your property to livable conditions as quickly as possible.

Cleaning Decomposed Body Sioux Falls SD

When such tragic events occur in the Sioux Falls SD area such as unattended deaths, the professional team at 11th Hour is sensitive to the fact that loved ones are grieving. As experienced professionals handling a variety of death and decomposition cleanup services in Sioux Falls SD, we understand the very sensitive nature surrounding unattended death scenes, and we work carefully to properly clean the areas. In the event the scene of the unattended death involved a decomposing body, there are certain requirements that are involved.

Body Decomposition Cleanup Service

Within a few hours of death, the body begins the decomposition process where soft tissue breaks down into a liquid state. It is not uncommon for our cleanup team at 11th Hour to be required to clean many different types of surfaces that were affected by an unattended death. From mattresses to floorboards, all areas must be thoroughly and properly handled with cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting for full remediation services to be effective. In most cases, we must administer several deodorizing phases to completely attack the bacteria from a decomposing body that might continue to thrive in porous surfaces and materials.

24/7 Body Decomposition Cleanup Service Sioux Falls

At 11th Hour, our professional cleanup experts are prepared around the clock, 24/7 to respond to any situation where professional cleanup handling is needed.  We are committed to the loved ones of victims and to restoring their homes and lives with great care to the best of our ability.

Most homeowners insurance plans cover our crime scene and death scene cleanup services, and we will work with your insurance provider on your behalf to handle proper coverage. In the event that you do not have insurance, our competitive rates can be discounted and we can even offer affordable payment plans.

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