Victim Assistance Terms & Conditions

Our Victim Assistance program was created to help the bereaved through the financial hardship that comes from an unexpected death of a loved one. We fund this program through a portion of all profit we receive, and will be available as long as funding permits. In order to be eligible for victim assistance, which covers $500.00 – $1,000.00 of your deductible you must meet the following requirements.

  • Must hire 11th Hour as your biohazard service provider from start to finish
  • Must not use any other coupons or promotions through 11th Hour
  • Must have a valid home owners insurance policy of the residence to be worked on
  • Must be a next of kin of the deceased and legally allowed to sign contracts on their behalf

*The total amount of the deductible to be paid for by 11th Hour is to be based on the initial estimate for total man hours, equipment and disposal fees.  All discounts are based on a percentage structure with a minimum of $500.00 *

Those not eligible to receive our victim assistance program fall into the following criteria.

  • Business owners, Property Managers and Landlords
  • Those who have requested 11th Hour finish the work of another company
  • Those requesting services other than homicide, suicide, accidental or unattended death

11th Hour does not increase prices to compensate for donations.  If you’re looking for contract, preferred vendor, or business to business pricing – call us at 1 (877) 797-7035 for more information.