When most people think of death cleaning companies, they immediately think of crime. Violent deaths such as murder do make up a large portion of the work that death cleanup companies do. However, many incidents involve no crime at all. The most common of these is the unattended death.

What is an Unattended Death?

Put simply, an unattended death occurs when a person passes away by themselves, and is not discovered for some period of time afterwards. An unattended death can be the result of suicide. However, unattended deaths also often occur because of natural causes. If a person lives alone and dies suddenly, they may not be discovered for days, months, or even years later. The vast majority of unattended deaths are not considered a crime.

What Happens Afterwards?

Immediately after death, the human body begins to decompose. Human decomposition is a gruesome process, which we won’t detail here. By definition, unattended deaths are not discovered for some time after the incident occurs. Depending on time elapsed and the local environment, the body may be in an advanced state of decomposition when it is finally located.

Once an unattended death is discovered, a flurry of activity begins. First, the authorities must investigate the scene, identify the deceased person, and determine a cause of death. For most cases, this process is quick. However, if the cause of death cannot be determined, or if the coroner on site suspects foul play, everything else grinds to a halt. A full investigation, including an autopsy and forensic examination, must take place before the scene and body can be released to the family.

When the authorities are satisfied, the body is released to the deceased person’s family. Funeral and burial arrangements must be made. However, the site of the unattended death also needs to be considered. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the death, the location may have been rendered uninhabitable. To decontaminate and restore the site to its former state, a professional death cleanup team is often required.

Why is Hiring a Professional Death Cleanup Company So Crucial?

In the aftermath of an unattended death, the location in which it occurred is usually contaminated. The decomposition process involves a host of bacteria, insects, and other organisms, all of which can cause or transmit disease. Disease and odor can linger and remain infectious for years if the location is not properly decontaminated. Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing the site of a death is beyond the capabilities of household cleaners.

You also need to consider the emotional toll of cleaning up after a death. The loss of a friend or family member is traumatic all on its own. Having to then clean up that person’s remains is simply unthinkable. You can save yourself a great deal of heartache and trauma by hiring a professional service to clean up the site for you. Death cleanup teams are sensitive to the particular hardships surrounding unattended deaths. They will clean the site thoroughly and quickly, so you can focus on grieving and moving forward.