We all have a little too many belongings that we don’t really need. Maybe you have a TV in both your living room and bedroom, or maybe you have about 20 pairs of shoes when you only wear the same 3 pairs. Sometimes you buy new clothes or jewelry for a party and then never wear them again.

Some of our stuff can be reminiscent of a meaningful time in our lives, and it’s hard for us to get rid of it without feeling guilty. Some things won’t necessarily mean a lot to us, but we’ll want to keep them anyway because we don’t like to be wasteful. This is typical behavior for most people, but a few individuals here and there are a bit more skilled at collecting things.

When this happens, we begin to hoard our belongings. We keep piles upon piles of our things because we are unwilling to part ways with them for whatever reason. Hoarding can quickly become an unhealthy and hazardous habit that can be extremely difficult to break. When hoarding gets out of hand and brings risks to both people and property, that’s when a hoarding cleanup becomes extremely important.

Why Hoarding is Dangerous

While some people who hoard know an exact location of every item in their possession, a lot of times they won’t. They lose track of what they have because it gets lost among all the piles throughout their home. Not only does this counteract the purpose for their hoarding, it becomes a habit that they will probably never be able to completely break.

Not only will the residents of the home be affected, any pets in the home will also suffer. Pets can easily begin to soil areas of the home with high amounts of clutter, leading the clutter to absorb the odors and spread them throughout the home. Pets can also get lost in the clutter or become injured from items falling on them unexpectedly.

The Effects of Hoarding on People and Property

When a home, for example, has excessive clutter, it can cause the residents of that home all sorts of harm. This includes limited access to certain areas of the home, lack of proper air circulation, a buildup of odors, and a decreased property value.

Individuals who hoard and choose not to perform a hoarding cleanup endure all sorts of mental and physical stress. The results of their hoarding can bring about issues like anxiety and depression. There can come a point after excessive hoarding where people’s living conditions make them realize that they will not be able to lead a healthy lifestyle in their home until they confront their hoarding habits.

Hoarding also has significant impacts on a property’s overall value. Piles of clutter can collect all sorts of things like dirt, moisture, and even animal filth. When these contaminated piles remain unmoved, they spread their ailments to a home’s floors, walls, HVAC system, carpets, and overall quality.

Animal filth can seep deep down into carpets, making the odors almost impossible to remove. Any moisture from piles can penetrate wood floors and cause irreversible water damage. Odors from piles can get locked into the fabrics of clothes and furniture, giving a home a strong odor that is always present.

Stagnant piles of belongings, when added together, can bring about problems that one would never suspect. Let’s not forget that little pests and rodents are fans of good hiding places, and having them around you in your home is definitely not healthy.

A good and thorough clutter cleanup by a professional cleanup service is a great bet to restore spaces to a clean and sanitary state. These professionals are trained to deal with these types of situations, and they can get your space back to a safe, healthy state with the proper tools and techniques. If you are concerned about your overall health and well-being, give them a call.